Tuesday, August 4, 2009


i just need a shoulder to cry on

can someone rent it to me?

i said please.
and don't hurt me with our memories.


cause when i'm with him
i am thinking of u
thinking of u
what you would do if
you were the one
who was spending the night
oh i wish that i
was looking into your eyes

* yes i'm totally crack. Mr. heart breaker, i wish u the most happiness in the world will give it to u

* i miss u, i love u, but it's yesterday


Lionel Azry said...

no komen

DIK AN said...

Laa...dah break-up?

dila john said...

azry = no komen jugak, tapi ni kire komen ker?

dik an = eehhh.. no lah, ni utk sum1 yg curi hati sy,n xpulg balik. :p

shakinah said...


Kuwe said...


Pais Chaos said...

rilex2.. tomorow never die!!

dila john said...

kinah = da comel sgt la 2

kuwe = tissue plz

pais = yeke? mane encik tau?