Friday, February 26, 2010

angin rindu

the day that you knew her,
the that you falling in love with her,
is the day that i was giving my heart to him to forget you,
is the day that i let you go,

so that was the day that i cried till swollen,
that was the day i really hurt inside,
and that was the day,
i was regret that all the things i have done but nothings can stop you from leaving,
and that was the day,
i really really wanted to say, that i love you and i will always love you.

now, you still leaving.
leave me with him, where there are no passion like when i'm with you.
leave me with the smell and memories that i can't bear it anymore.

i want you to know that,
my love for you just like a wind, i cant get it, but i feel it.
once in your life, just feel the wind and you will know how much i love you.


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I_Hate_Lolipop said...

wah...sgt simple tp ayat jiwang..hihi